The Fiat 500 Story – From Roma to Firenze

Day 1 – From Roma to Firenze popping by Orvieto

On our first day we decided to journey Roma to Firenze. Not a long distance I know, but our Fiat500, built in the 60’s had a top speed of 40-45 miles per hour. Even at this low a speed the car’s motor vibrated no end through the “not very comfy seats” – we sensed we were back in time.

We made a short pit stop in Orvieto, Umbria – 80 miles that took us about 3 hours! With another 100 miles to make, we took a swift lunch and purchased a couple of bottles of ORVIETO D.O.C., the most famous wine of the area.


Back on our Fiat 500, we chugged happily the full distance to destination Firenze.

I love this city, full of art of any type: sculptures, paintings, architectures and BISTECCA ALLA FIORENTINA! I have to say, it was tough to eat the full 1.3kg Florentine steak but the Orvieto D.O.C. helped wash it down.


To be continued….

– – – H.C.E.


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