Taverna dello Spuntino

I often visit Taverna dello Spuntino, located at the gates of Rome in a wine producing region, where fresh farmed food enters the eternal city direct from the countryside.


The Taverna sits upon an ancient wine cellar and, after dining, all guests are invited to tour this historic basement vault accompanied by the proprietor Mr Silvio Fortini himself. Originally founded by his father, today this family establishment is run by Silvio with the help of his son, Paul.

There is no lack of confidence in quality – your eye catches hanging legs of prime ham as soon as you enter and this is just an introduction to the goodness of the fare. To accompany the food, Silvio offers a fabulous selection of local wines of which we pick the house white, a Cannellino – characteristically light and fresh.


The menu is extensive with a mouth-watering choice of authentic, regional starters – including local thinly sliced charcuterie; soft, creamy buffalo mozzarella; grilled fresh vegetables. Among the pastas, we recommend the Bucatini Amatriciana with pancetta and tomato sauce – simply buonissimo!  But don’t overlook the fettuccine, gnocchi or ravioli, which are all also handmade.


From the secondi piatti, we take lamb ribs, the tagliata di manzo and the brasato, all together delectable, and accompanied by wild grilled porcini mushrooms.


Satisfied but never held from a final indulgence, we finish with the Taverna’s signature Tiramisu, offered in the classic coffee flavour, or with strawberry or orange.



Via Cicerone, 20


Grottaferrata RM, Italia

+39 06 9431 5985

Open every day:  1pm–3pm, 8pm–11pm




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