LA GRIGLIETTA – Una piccola gemma nel cuore di Roma

As the title states, this place it’s a real little gem.

Very old family business, which has been preserved as authentic as possible since the beginning. The atmosphere is really relaxed while the owner and his son do everything in their power to make you feel confortable and taken care of.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 09.55.12

Quality of food? Do you really need to ask? Traditional and authentic recipes which vary from the best starters of Tuscany (wide selection of cured meats and cheeses) and the addition of a range of Fritti (fried food) typical from Lazio, specifically from Rome: Fried zucchini flowers filled with anchovies and mozzarella, supplì al telefono (rice croquettes), potatoes croquettes and all Romans favourites…THE CARCIOFI (artichokes)!

This is the season of the artichokes (FEB-MAY) and in Rome, we definitely know how to prep them in a thousand different ways.

As a starter or a side La Griglietta offers Carciofi alla Romana (mint, garlic and lemon) Carciofi alla Giudia (pushed flat and fried), fried Carciofi (batter-mixed in Egg and flour), crostini with Carciofi …yum yum yum!!! Then, moving to the main courses: pasta and Carciofi (sauce is made as a bolognaise of artichokes), stuffed Carciofi filled in an Carciofi sauce and cheese (sometimes)….etc. etc.


This place doesn’t only have an artichokes based menu, they of course offer a wide selection of Roman amazing recipes (Carbonara, one of the best in town!) but the real gem is the TAGLIATA! SUPER YUM YUM YUM!


The beef is “imported” directly from Tuscany 3 times a week. It serves a minimum of 2 people, as these are huge! They slice it directly at the table and the smell drives you crazy…30 second of slicing process that seems like time has stopped and you just want to taste it so badly!!!

Finally…he is done and you can begin this journey of super tender texture: juicy in the middle, with a nice crust. I could have it every day!

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 09.50.34

To accompany the Tagliata, just ask them for the house red, easy to drink and it doesn’t spoil the taste of the meat. Of course they have a wide selection of bottles; if you are a wine lover, I’m sure you’ll find something of your likes!

Desserts are the typical ones, but extremely good and tasty. My personal favourite would be the Tiramisu.

During the winter they don’t have tables on the footpath but if there’s a sunny day and temperature is mild, ask them to move you a table outside and they’ll be happy to do it for you!



Via Germanico, 170, 192 Roma

Tel. +39 06.3211312



MON to SAT 12noon a 3:30pm and 7:30pm a 11pm

SUN Closed


A few other shots of tasteful creations by La Griglietta

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 09.55.44Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 09.50.21IMG_6393Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 09.50.06Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 09.50.51Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 09.53.36Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 09.54.00


The Fiat 500 Story – From Parigi to Londra – Notting Hill, love at first sight! PART 2

Michele managed to find the telephone number of a mechanic and while we were waiting we spotted this empty shop exactly in front of us. It was like the Cinquecento, by breaking down right there was suggesting that we should enquire for it!

The mechanic arrived and he said that the engine was gone – that we needed to replace it and that it was near impossible without ‘extortionate’ cost to find an engine to replace it in the UK.

Of course, we couldn’t say goodbye to our only friend in London…

A few months later we opened our first little Arancina pizzeria in London, guess where? Right there, in Notting Hill, exactly where the car left us!

Did we trash the 500? NO WAY! We sliced it in half and placed it as a memento of the journey in the window of our restaurant.

Our First Arancina branch – 19 Pembridge Road – Notting Hill – London

A year and 6 months later, our second branch opened in Westbourne Grove. Guess what we placed in the window? Exactly…the other half of our favourite travelling chariot, the Fiat Cinquento, our beloved car…

And the second Branch – 19 Westbourne Grove – Bayswater – London

The End?? No way, that’s just how it all started!!! 🙂

– – – HCM

The Fiat 500 Story – From Parigi to Londra – Notting Hill, love at first sight! PART 1

Last day of our trip, finally we will get to London.

We drove to Calais and boarded the ferry to Dover. It was very fun as lots of people came forward to take photos of the car and they couldn’t believe we were coming all the way from Rome!

Yeah, probably the ferry wasn’t that big, but the car is so small and everything looked bigger back then!

From Dover to London it took us “only” 2½ hours but the Fiat 500 started to hiccup and was producing really weird sounds. Michele said straight away “I hope it’s not the engine”. Too bad he understands quite a lot about classic cars – it was the engine.


The car stopped, we knew we were in London (thank god) but where exactly? I asked a young couple walking by – “You’re in Notting Hill, mate”. Notting Hill! I was so excited! Another first for me, I had only seen it on the Hugh Grant movie until now!

To be continued…

– – – HCE

The Fiat 500 Story – From Lione to Parigi – Hello Tour Eiffel

Day 4 – We travelled a whole 290 miles across France, loving the views of the countryside. With so much distance to cover, we missed lunch but stocked up at little towns with typical cheeses and fresh bread from la boulangerie to enjoy on our way.

campagna francese

Almost 7 hours later we arrived into Parigi. Exhausting, but hey – what an absolutely beautiful city! It was our first visit to Paris.


We parked the Cinquecento as close as possible to the Tour Eiffel, took some pictures and stretched our legs by walking around the city for some time.

We enjoyed it very much but, sorry Parigi, Rome still looks better :)))

To be continued…

– – – HCE

The Fiat 500 Story – From Milano to Lione – Arrivederci Italia!!

Our third day was very sentimental. It was tough saying goodbye to our country, yet there was such an excitement for the adventure that lay ahead!

ciao torino
Ciao ITALIA, see you soon!!!

Our last big Italian city stop was Torino, the house of our Cinquecento. We dropped into the very first Fiat car factory where our car was assembled, Fiat Mirafiori. Not a beautiful building but a very sentimental moment: our beloved car was saying goodbye to its “mamma”.

where to?
As soon as we passed the border, we got lost….of course!

Crossing the border into France and travelling a further 193 miles, we arrived into Lione hours later than intended, missing our chance to try some of the recommended city hot spots. Luckily we found a brasserie that served up appetising local dishes. I remember the “boudin aux pommes”, the “foie de veau a la Lyonnaise” and most of all, the “sausisson chaud a la Lyonnaise”, my personal favorite 😉

To be continued…

– – – H.C.M.

The Fiat 500 Story – From Firenze to Milano – Hello Bologna and Parma

After a good restful night in Florence, we were quickly back on the road again!

This was probably my favourite day of the entire trip. Final destination Milano but with two planned stops on route – the cities of Bologna and Parma. Why did we enjoy the stops so much? Food, of course! The best “tortellini in brodo” I’ve ever had (Bologna) and the famous “piatto di bolliti” (Parma). Just thinking about it, I’m salivating for more.

Parma & Bologna

Another 195 miles of ground covered, we arrived in Milano at 7:45pm, just in time to park up, find a bed for the night and get out in time for what the people of Milano do so well: APERITIVO! Just a few euros for a Spritz and as much food as we could eat. Still full from our double lunch stop, we actually couldn’t eat that much!


To Be Continued…

– – – H.C.M.

The Fiat 500 Story – From Roma to Firenze

Day 1 – From Roma to Firenze popping by Orvieto

On our first day we decided to journey Roma to Firenze. Not a long distance I know, but our Fiat500, built in the 60’s had a top speed of 40-45 miles per hour. Even at this low a speed the car’s motor vibrated no end through the “not very comfy seats” – we sensed we were back in time.

We made a short pit stop in Orvieto, Umbria – 80 miles that took us about 3 hours! With another 100 miles to make, we took a swift lunch and purchased a couple of bottles of ORVIETO D.O.C., the most famous wine of the area.


Back on our Fiat 500, we chugged happily the full distance to destination Firenze.

I love this city, full of art of any type: sculptures, paintings, architectures and BISTECCA ALLA FIORENTINA! I have to say, it was tough to eat the full 1.3kg Florentine steak but the Orvieto D.O.C. helped wash it down.


To be continued….

– – – H.C.E.